Episode 1: Natural Hair Trend – Hair That’s Lived In


Natural Hair Trend: Hair That’s Lived In!

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Episode 1

Natural Hair Trend: Hair That’s Lived In!

Follow Edy as she speaks on different topics and questions concerning the Natural Hair Trends, and the transition process that some dread, and others appreciate on the victory side of their Journey!

We would like to introduce to some and reintroduce to others, “The Edy Onassis Experience.” Edy Onassis Salon Studio provides precision haircare services catering to the hair’s integrity and the foundational health through customized consultations,solutions, cutting and coloring; bringing each client’s hair to its optimum level of performance. The foundation of the EO Studio stands upon beauty, strength, and purity. Edy Onassis has a commitment to professionalism, customer service, integrity and caring.

We encourage you to share this experience with you family and friends by passing this email along. Be on the lookout for great information on haircare, extensions, naturally curly hair, hair color, and designer cuts! We hope you enjoy!

Beauty, Strength, and Purity,

Edy Onassis


About Edy

As a beauty professional, Edy has taken the industry by storm, to bring beauty back to its roots. Her motto beauty.strength.purity speaks of finding confidence first, and then building the image on that firm foundation. Edy has trained with great men and women from Scott Cole to James Ryder, as well as worked and assisted in a variety of salon cultures and industry venues. She brings sound education and quality experience to its maximum climax; results!

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