Edy Onassis

The Edy Onassis Brand: Ebony “Edy” Cleveland

Ebony “Edy” Cleveland is a sought after international hairdresser and extentionist, with over 10 years of experience working with extentions. Edy Cleveland’s quest for knowledge and staying abreast of industry trends, takes her traveling across the nation, to train, learn, and see things from different perspectives in different industry environments. Edy’s motto “Beauty – Strength – Purity…”  revolves around revealing, uncovering and enhancing what each and every client naturally possesses. It is important to Edy that each individual freely expresses themselves through hair, makeup, and fashion. Her goal is to help people achieve a “look” that motivates them to always push forward.


This goal is accomplished through many endeavors like the Edy Onassis Salon Studio formerly in Columbus, GA, the Edy Cleveland Video Blog, and Eden by Edy Onassis Premium Virgin Hair.

Edy’s Portfolio reveals her intense diversified view of beauty. She shares an untamed approach to the world’s view of “Beautiful.” Her most recent contribution to society is her video blog, which shares educational information on maintaining healthy hair-care for the common person and hairdresser alike. As a beauty professional, Edy has taken the industry by storm, to bring beauty back to its roots. View Edy’s professional portfolio @ Edycleveland.com.